Christiana Millwork, Inc. provides a wide range of standard moldings and the capability to match most custom designs right on the premises. Whether you require just one length or a large quantity run, you can rely on Christiana Millwork, Inc. to provide you with the highest quality molding, using the latest technology and manufactured with old world pride right here in the U.S.A.. Our custom moldings are produced in just one pass, and  we keep a template kept on file which guarantees an exact match for repeat orders.

CMI has a molding knife grinder on-site that allows us to produce any custom design the customer needs.

Call, e-mail, or visit our facilities and let our skilled craftsmen fulfill your most challenging, custom moulding requirements.

The minimum standard thicknesses and widths obtainable from rough lumber stock are as follows. Attention is directed to the fact that thickness sizes are expressed in terms of quarters of an inch rather than inches. Surface tone side lumber is available in all species and sizes.

Finished Thickness
S4S or Moulded
4/4 3/4 Inch
5/4 1″
6/4 1/4″
8/4 5/8″
10/4 1/4″