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Bringing your millwork ideas to life.

Welcome to Christiana Millwork where pride in a job well done is the motto we work by. Whether your project has cabinets and countertops or wall paneling and reception stations you can rest assured that we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the highest quality materials on a schedule that fits your project. Blending cutting edge technology with people who care is what we bring to the table. 

Product & Services

Products and Services

Christiana Millwork CSI Division 6400

CSI Division 6400

  • Plastic laminated casework

  • Plastic laminated counters and supports

  • Plastic laminated wall paneling

  • Hardwood veneer casework

  • Hardwood veneer counters and supports

  • Hardwood veneer wall paneling

  • Hardwood standing and running trim

  • Custom fabricated reception desks and nursing stations

CSI Division 6600

  • Solid polymer countertops

  • Solid polymer integral sinks and pipe shields

  • Solid polymer wall paneling

  • Solid polymer desks and stations

Christiana Millwork | Commercial Casework Syracuse NY
Christiana Millwork | Commercial Casework Syracuse NY

CSI Division 12300

  • Manufactured casework

AWI QCP Certificate 2021.jpg


Woodwork Institute

Christiana has been AWI QCP certified Premium grade since 1986. This certification provides our customers with the assurance that quality is important to us and that we are being tested for the most current knowledge concerning all aspects of hardwood and plastics fabrication processes. We are always happy to share our knowledge with architects and designers that may be looking for help with grading different aspects of their project.

Christiana Millwork | Commercial Casework Syracuse NY


  • Estimating

  • Submittals

  • Shop Drawings

  • Field Verifications

  • Engineering

  • Fabrication

  • Finishing

  • Assembly

  • Shipping

Our History

Here at Christiana, our craftsmanship roots run deep. Larry Christiana was a talented field carpenter prior to making the decision to go into business for himself. Having accomplished his initial goals, Larry decided he was ready to try his hand at running his own business, so in 1971, he began making cabinets in the garage at his home. Starting with small commercial projects and quickly taking on larger ones, it wasn’t long before the business outgrew this small space.


After two additions to the garage, Larry decided it was time to put up a new building and in 1987, he moved his men and equipment to the current location at 4755 North St in Jamesville. Contracts with national retail chains and local commercial projects provided the incentive to invest in CNC machinery to replace the traditional ways of manufacturing. Larry’s entrepreneurial spirit and charismatic personality were the driving force behind CMI’s growth during this time.


After spending a few minutes with Larry, you wanted to be on his team. He always intended that his business would continue to bring value to the community and its employees, so with his passing in 2016 the company continues to be led by Larry’s wife Joan and his son Andrew. 

Christiana Millwork | Commercial Casework Syracuse NY

Larry breaking ground on the new building.



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